art buyers are people too

let's hear it for the unsung heroes of the agency world

We were just asked what our submission process is and well…we don’t have one.  This is strictly a what we are digging and an ask us anything (but who we are and where you can find us) blog .  If we like what we see, we post it.  We follow a lot of photographers, agencies, illustrators among others on tumblr and we also get a trillion email and printed promos that we post too.  

If you follow us or like our posts, we will most likely follow you in return and you will show up in our feed when you post.  We have found some great stuff by following our followers like Ahmed KlinkEmily Malan,  and Brinson Banks  (Brinson, please change your landing page image…PLEASE) or by posts that contain imagery we like…we’ve loved posts with imagery by Aneta Ivanova, and Jason Lee Perry.  

Anywho, the simple answer is that we don’t take submissions or give out our addresses or anything like that.  This is just what we love, are working on, are inspired by, are interested in, and we try to help out those who ask questions.  Keep posting and maybe we will find you too!

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