art buyers are people too

let's hear it for the unsung heroes of the agency world

Kate Powers is doing something that people in the photo world shy away from and she is doing it magnificently well…Kate Powers is all grown up.  Her images still have a youthfulness and so much playfulness, but they are more elegant, polished and sophisticated than they have been in the past while maintaining a sense of “We want to be there too!”

We see so many lifestyle photographers who stall out.  People who we once loved, but who refuse to evolve and well, we outgrow them stylistically.  You can still be fun and mature.  You can still be gorgeous and sophisticated…there is no need to linger too long with the same old images.

We are so looking forward to watching Kate age gracefully.  There is nothing wrong with growing up.  We like to think of fine wines and all that vintage that we love so.  It’s all grown up, just like Miss Powers.  

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