art buyers are people too

let's hear it for the unsung heroes of the agency world

We ran into this guy this weekend…and by this guy, we mean the one and lovely, Nathan Perkel.  We’ve known and worked with Nathan for quite a while.  We did a nice fat job together many moons ago and then a little thing here and there.  The job we did with him was errrrrmmmm, an interesting one.  Let’s just say that he had a t-rex stand in.  That’s all we can say…

Nathan has been killing it editorially.  He shoots for the likes of Jalouse, ESPN Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Time Magazine, and many more.  He has sooooo much new work and it’s pretty awesome.  He’s a skate kid through and through and at the same time is a true professional and great to work with.  He’s keeps good company at Apostrophe.  Check him out and have him in for a meeting.  We are long overdue and he said he’d bring treats!  He knows us all too well.

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