art buyers are people too

let's hear it for the unsung heroes of the agency world

Art Buyers do more than just stay in touch with the latest and greatest photographers & agents.  We also need to be up on all of the trends out there, that includes hair and make-up.  We are always looking to build strong teams.  Photographers often recommend people who they love and we will usually go with their selects.  Sometimes we like to have our team if we have a very particular client.  It really depends…is it lifestyle and super natural?  Is it moody with a little bit of an edge?  Is it conceptual?  A great team will pull it off and add so much to any image.  

When we look at photographers’ books we will often scrutinize the hair and make-up.  Could the image have been better with different make-up?  Was it too heavy?  Too light?  Was the hair gorgeous?  Did it look too “done”?  These are real questions and the entire team is responsible for the image, not just the photographer…but the photographer needs to lead his team too.  Man, that is a lot to do, huh!?

A few groups who we love, love, love are Judy Casey, Kate Ryan, Ray Brown, Jed Root and Sarah Laird.  They are always willing to help.  We think it’s tricky because we get to meet our photographers, but we don’t usually get to meet our Glam Squad…we just cross our fingers they are nice and competent.  We can’t say it enough times—personality is sooooo important.  There is nothing worse than one bad egg on set.  We prefer a good ol’ fashioned lovefest!

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